I start with a preliminary conversation to discuss the kind of image you desire, where it will be seen, clothing options and specific preferences you might have. 
We then schedule the portrait session. This will typically be at my home …either outside (with natural light) or in my home studio - or both. The session usually lasts about two hours - but we can take as much time as we need. As we go along, we’ll look at the images to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. My approach is to be playful, relaxed and have fun.  
In post-production, I will carefully go through all the photos and select 25-30 of the best. I will edit these for basic image quality (saturation, contrast, framing, etc.).   Within 7-10 days, we can review them together in person (which I prefer) - or I can send them to you via dropbox to review. With your feedback, I’ll fine tune the images to arrive at the finished portraits. 
You will own these images. Many photographers prefer to control their reproduction. I don’t. You will be free to print or display the images as you wish.
The final images will be high resolution - suitable for prints of any size. For high quality prints and mounting, I recommend Bay Photo in Scotts Valley. I’m happy to guide you through the options they offer.
My all-inclusive fee is $400.